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Package 1 - Desert Ride

Package Details

  • Places to Visit : Wadi Dawkah, Ubar City, Camel Farm, Desert Sunset
  • Timing 1: From Afternoon 1 PM to Next Morning 10AM
  • Timing 2: From Afternoon 1 PM to Night 10PM
  • Included Entertainments: Sunset, Dinner, Camp Fire, Over Stay Night, Softdrinks will be provided (* as per the timing chosen)

Wadi Dawkah

Wadi Dawkah
  • Wadi Dawkah is a natural park of famous Frankincense trees, which is also inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. The wadi in Dhofar region of Oman is a stony, semi desert valley, where the density of frankincense trees spreads across 5 square kilometers.

Camel Farm

Camel Farm
  • Camels are undeniably one of the most important animals of the Middle East since time immemorial. The ones popularly found in the Arab region are the single humped Dromedary and have been an inevitable part of the Bedouin peopleís existence.

Ubar City

Obar City
  • Ubar is the Arabian equivalent of Atlantis, except that instead of sinking to the bottom of the sea, legend says it disappeared into the desert sands. Its even been dubbed the Atlantis of the Sands.

Dessert Sunset

  • Romantic sunset in the largest sand desert in the world Passing the ancient Bedouin town of Thumrait, drive through the large gravel desert 'Al Nejd', to experience the next attraction of the desert after about 175 km, starting in Salalah city.


Package 2 - Salalah City Tour

Package Details

  • Places to Visit : Sultan Qaboos Mosque, Baleed Museum, Fruit Huts, Nabi Imran Tomb, Gold Souk, Garden Mall
  • Timing 1: 4Hrs Trip; You can choose any timing after 9AM
  • Timing 2: Full Day Trip; From 9 AM
  • Included Entertainments: Softdrinks will be provided (* as per the timing chosen)

Nabi Imran Tomb

  • The tomb of Imran is located in downtown Salalah in the Dhofar region of western Oman. Some believe that Imran was a local Arab prophet, and others believe that the name is a reference to the father of Mary mother of Jesus mention in the Quran, or the father of Moses mentioned in the Bible.

Al Hafah Souq

  • Al Hafah Souq lies 3 kilometres from the city of Salalah in Dhofar Governorate. It is surrounded by lofty coconut trees and is the perfect place to buy the best kinds of gum and incense, not only in Dhofar, but also in the Sultanate.

Banana Plantations

  • Salalah is famous for its plantations of bananas. Stroll through the plantation roads near the corniche (2km from the town centre), and it's hard to remember Salalah is Oman's second city.

Salalah Gardens Mall

  • Salalah Gardens Mall (commonly known in Salalah as Salalah Mall) is the first modern mall in Salalah and is also its largest mall. The design of the mall is a modern interpretation of traditional Omani architecture overlooking a large landscaped garden.

Sultan Qaboos

  • Sultan Qaboos Masjid, the largest mosque in Salalah, is located in City Center. Itís a huge masjid and a very nice architectural composition. The prayer hall is wonderfully decorated with chandeliers, green carpet and wall patterns.

Al Baleed Archeological Park

  • Well-labelled and atmospherically lit at night, the ancient ruins of Al Baleed belong to the 12th-century trading port of Zafar. Frankincense was shipped from here to India in exchange for spices.

Fruit Huts

  • Fruit Huts in Salalah are famous for the fresh fruits particularly coconut. Having coconut drink at tropical style fruit huts (stalls) is a refreshing activities.


Package 3 - East of Salalah

Package Details

  • Places to Visit : Wadi Darbat, Ayn Razat, Mirbath, Anti Gravity Road, Jabal Samhan, Taqah Castle
  • Timing 1: 8Hrs Full Day Trip; Starting @ 9AM
  • Included Entertainments: Softdrinks will be provided (*)

Ayn Razat

  • Ain Razat is the most important source of spring water in Dhofar. It used to be one of the main sources of water for Salalah. It's water, as well as several smaller springs, flow into a long pool on the northern side of the carpark at the foot of the Jebel.

Jabal Samhan

  • Jabal Samhan Nature Reserve is a nature reserve in the area of Jabal Samhan in Dhofar, Oman. It has an area of 4,500 square kilometres (1,700 sq mi) and has no permanent population. Being in the region of the Dhofar Mountains, it is one of the last refuges for wild Arabian leopards.

Samharam Archeological

  • Located in Dhofar Governorate and is known to be part of the frankincense road. The location tells the story of an ancient civilization in Dhofar, as Samharam city and its reputed port which history dates back to 1000 BC constituted a link between Dhofar and other parts of the world.

Wadi Darbat

  • Wadi Darbat (Darbat Valley) is the most beautiful and scenic spot for the nature lovers in Dhofar Region of Oman. This amazing valley offers everything that is needed for a memorable family day. A visit to Salalah is not complete without a visit to Wadi Darbat.

Taqah Castle

  • Taqah Castle is the most popular castle to visit in the region of Dhofar in the South of Oman. Taqah Castle is located in Taqah, an old city 33 kilometers east of Salalah.

Taqah View Point

  • Taqah is one of the ten wilayat in Dhofar Governorate of Oman and itís the nearest wilayat from the beautiful city of Salalah. Taqa is that itís on the way from Salalah to other popular tourist attractions and the other wilayats in Dhofar. Some of the places to visit in Dhofar are located in Taqa.

Anti Gravity Point

  • Many people come to Salalah Anit Gravity Point to see their cars going up the hill at Neutral gear (without any acceleration). This is a really amazing experience and a unique one. The car can move at a speed of more than 40 to 60 kilometers per hour without any acceleration.


Package 4 - West of Salalah

Package Details

  • Places to Visit : Ittin Mountain, Nabi Ayub Tomb, Ayn Gurziz, Mughsail Beach & Blow Holes, Falaya Beach
  • Timing 1: 8Hrs Full Day Trip; Starting @ 9AM
  • Selection Of Vehicle: 4x4 Vehicle is must for Fazayah Beach & Zig Zag Road. You have option to choose the places.
  • Included Entertainments: Softdrinks will be provided (*)

Jabal Ittin

  • Ittin is easily accessible from Salalah city and within 5 minutes, you can reach to the mountain for a great view of Beautiful Salalah City. The view is stunning at night, when the city is beautifully illuminated with lights.

Nabi Ayoub Tomb

  • Nabi Ayoub as he is known in the Arab world. A scenic mountain road will take you up to the site, a popular pilgrimage spot for Muslims, and you might spot camels along the way.

Mughsayl Beach

  • Al Mughsayl Beach is probably the most famous tourist attraction in Dhofar, Oman. The beach is liked by the locals and tourists alike. Al Mughsayl is a long stretch of blue water sea and white sand. The landscape is pretty nice and the beach has mountains on both the sides, which make the view elegant and photogenic.

Fazayah Beach

  • Al-Fazayah Beach Salalah is one of the best beaches in Oman. Its a 5 kilometers long pristine white sand beach with clear water and a stunning landscape at the back-ground.

Ayn Gurziz

  • It is just besides Ittin Mountains and have a good spring in the Khareef Season. There are many huts to sit under on the wooden benches. There is a beautiful overhead sign made of wood mentioning Ain Garziz (Ayn Jarziz).

Zig Zag Road

  • The only road, we can take to drive to the Yemeni border is the Mughsayl-Sarfait road, the famous 'zig/zag road. ' During the trip breathtaking hair pin bends offers incredible, beautiful panoramasÖ


Package 5 - Dolphin Watching

Package Details

  • Places to Visit : Dolphin Watching in salalah on Boats
  • Timing 1: 4Hrs Trip; Starts @ 09:40AM


Package 6 - Horse Riding

Package Details

  • Places to Visit : Horse Riding in Salalah
  • Timing 1: 1Hrs
  • Timing 1: 2Hrs
  • Timing 1: 3Hrs
  • Timing 4: Full Day (Lunch, Water & Softdrinks Included)